Completely new designed.
MF012 CE registration number: RPS / 436 / 2016

MF012/015 is made of advanced carbon fiber, which can be molded into any shape. It looks like a simple structure, but in fact is a technical marvel. Carbon fiber is an amazin material, ideal for high-load smooth, curved shape and ergonomic requirements, after years of development and the actual test, the result is to be the strongest eber and lightest wheelchair. In the past, moving stationary wheelchair is a troublesome thing, but not anymore, because MF012/015 is the lightest wheelchair in the world, most people can easily click on by one hand.

MF012 Specification

Rear wheel25"
A | Seat width350375400425450
B | Unfolding width573598620633645
B | Folding width325330335340345
C | Total length860
D | Total height775
E | Seat angle10°
F | Seat height- Rear380
G | Seat height- Front500
H | Seat depth410
I | Inner width418445470496520
J | Back height380
K | Pedal height120~200
L | Pedal angle95°
M | Frame length930
N | Frame height410
O | Maximum load100kg