While GIGANTEX is new to the medical industry,we have built a reputation as a premier carbon fiber manufacturer for over 20 years in the bicycle industry. Over the years, Gigantex has provided the bicycle industry the most innovative carbon bicycle components. For the past seven years, Gigantex has focused on developing our line of medical products, and we are proud to finally unveil our new designs.

Our goal has always been to provide the market with revolutionary products, enabling custormers to impove their quality life, and this is what we bring to the medical industry. Therefore, customers can expect Gigantex to provide the highest-quality, most affordable carbon wheelchairs on the market. In entering the market, we aim to set a new standard for excellence.

Our mission statement is:

    1. Give the comsumers the most affordable, strongest and lightest carbon wheelchairs in the world.

    2. Our carbon wheelchairs will not only maintain the mobility to the disabled, but also improve the quality of their lives.

Following this statement, our carbon wheelchairs is designed to be:

    1. Less than 6 kg which is among the lightest in the market.

    2. More than 1.5 times stronger than its competitors.

    3. More ergonomic, with improved structural design provides the user more comfort and improved aesthetics.

    4. Most importantly, it is only 1/4 to 1/3 the price of competing carbon wheelchairs.

In addition to the wheelchair itself, we are designing other carbon accessories to fit onto it. These incude a foldable carbon water bottle cage, a retraceable iPad or mobile phone holder, and more to come. In the end, our goal is to enable this carbon wheelchair to be not only a moving vehicle but also mobile working station to the disabled.

To enter into this industry and market is only a prelude for us. We want to change the market rule by offering our customers the best and affordable carbon wheelchairs. And, we are confident we will achieve this goal..

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